Friday, 17 June 2011


fiza tengok ramai yang dok buat challenge bnde alah nie..
sekali fiza tengok cam best je..

so fiza pon nak la jugak m`gedik buat bnde nie
kt bawah nie senarai challenge yang fiza nak buat:65:
:86:Day one - 10 things about you:120:
:86:Day two - 10 things you love:t:
:86:Day three - 10 things you hate:d:
:86:Day four - 10 things you one to say to one person question
:86:Day five - 10 wishes:face14:
Day six - 10 items you can't live without:24:
:86:Day seven - 10 important people:95::94::97::96:
:86:Day eight - 10 of your favourite song:75::74:
:86:Day nine - 10 ways to win your heart:face15:
:86:Day ten - 10 final words:130::v:
fiza amik 10jep..
kunk banyak-2 pecah pale otak aku kunk
fiza start buat esok or next week :77:
okey..hope fiza dapat buat bende alah nie..(thumbs up)thumb

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