Tuesday, 26 July 2011

story about life

Its story about life

life is like a boat,depends on how we attempt
controls our life.

i need a bestfriend,their will cheer me up and help me
they are my true love.19

i need a brother,so he can hear my problem
but did i get it?

i need a true love
poor,The phantomi know..feel like we are same.

away from bad thounght,cause i have more than enough
enough to keep smile..

i really must learn..satisfied with my life
or i will be a fool..

life is like a wheel..it is olwes upside down
show us about life..

when im in danger
they will come and protect me..evry second

when im fell sad..do she can spend time with me
but where did she go?

i do not need fakes:30:
i just need someone to love..11

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